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Christian Ethic's Test  

How can I introduce the Christian Ethics tests into a business or social conversation?


How to identify an ethical issue using the Christian Ethic's Test

Why are Christian Ethics tests a valid way to decide right and wrong?

How to use the Christian Ethic's Test

Ethical guidance in Christianity is provided by several means, including rules for conduct in the sacred scriptures of the Bible, the teaching of the prophets in the Old Testament, the teaching of Jesus and his disciples in the New Testament, the authoritative teaching of the various Christian churches, the interpretation and teaching of priests and ministers, the moral exemplars such as the saints, and the considerable body of work on ethics by Christian scholars. Which of these sources of guidance are emphasized will depend on the denomination, sect, congregation, or individual making the ethical judgment.

To use this test, ask

  • What would God want me to do in this situation?


Why is this a valid way to decide right and wrong?


Applying the test

STEP 1:  Identify the  

STEP 2:  Explain why


STEP 3:  Ask 

STEP 4: Draw a conclusion,
Explain briefly 


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