Slide Copyright 2009, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University, used by permission.

We all make ethical judgments and decisions on how we should act.  To be both personally and effectively ethical, we need to

  • Better understand what ethics is and how it works

  • Be able to apply the insights of philosophical ethics, neuroscience, and moral psychology to the challenges of business and professional life, and

  • Use a vocabulary that fits into business and professional settings and provides insights that lead discussions toward consensus on what is right and what should be done


EthicsOps is designed to help persons in business and professional settings to

  • Be personally ethical--to be clear about their own ethical judgments and about what actions, character, and virtues these judgments require, and to

  • Be effectively ethical

    • so they can act on their own values and those of their organization and profession, and 

    • can enlist the cooperation of others in accomplishing goals consistent with those values.