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This page makes it easy to connect overviews of key ethical theories from the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics with EthicsOps tools for boots on the ground decision making.

Connecting theory and practice

This page can be used to move quickly between the theory discussions on the website of

the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics and the operational processes for seven ethics tests at EthicsOps and two case studies illustrating how the tests are applied.  

The Markkula Ethics Center pages pertinent to the EthicsOps pages are provided via indented links below.



Using Ethics Tests--Introduction

Markkula Ethics Center Link: A Framework for Thinking Ethically



Identify Ethical Issues 

Markkula Ethics Center Link: What is Ethics



Best Outcomes or Utility Test 

Markkula Ethics Center Link: Calculating Consequences



Three Rights Tests   

Rights Test 


Everybody Test 


Choices Test  

Markkula Ethics Center Link: Rights



Justice Test 

Markkula Ethics Center Link: Justice and Fairness



Common Good Test 

Markkula Ethics Center Link: Common Good



Character/Virtue Test 

Markkula Ethics Center Link: Ethics and Virtue



Compare Test Conclusions 

Markkula Ethics Center Link: Consistency and Ethics

Markkula Ethics Center Link: Ethical Relativism



Two cases showing how to apply the ethics tests:

  1. "Less Sugar" Marketing 

  2. Phantom Expenses










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